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A space travel game with a nostalgic neon visual. Hop from planet to planet, trying to acquire as much silver globes as possible. Watch out for the bombs, mines and asteroids on your way, but don't be afraid to wander off sometimes. The space is beautiful after all! Beauty is everywhere in this game, from the deadly neon barriers made to control the destruction of the Old Ones, to the sparkling souls gathering around the blue portals in each quadrant. Using your world driver, consume the life out of every planet you go to make your way to the next area, reaping existence itself, one sector at a time.

You can only use ONE action with ONE button!
Press [SPACE] or Touch to use Action.
Press [TAB] to Quit to the Main Menu.

Planets - The gravity field of each one can send you in a lot of conveniently specific directions, but nobody knows how fast they can throw you, so you better aim carefully.

Asteroids - Pushes you away, the fast ones can damage you too, you can use them too navigate, but look out!

Boost -You always start up with ONE BOOST, you have to use it to get to the first planet, once you use it, you're out of it, and your boosters'll go cold. The golden orbs can replenish your Boost for - at maximum capacity fullthrotle power of ONE boost.

Damage - Damages you by a small amount. Mine - Damages and pushes you away. Bombs - Instantly eliminates you, don't touch them! Seriously, don't touch them.

Heal - Heals you a small amount, it's best to pick them.
Shield - Gives you a shield to endure damage before it starts depleting your Health. Silver Globes - This globes are said to be feared and respected since ancient cosmic times. Some say if you gather all of them, the power of the Ancient Gods is released and the barrier that hold our whole existence together will crumble before the carrier. Keep seeking them, for the Old Ones.


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